Day 1


*You are going to research problem solving skills using the following sites. 

 *Use the note taking worksheet  attached here to help you organize the

  information found in these sites.

*Compare the steps in each site to create your own problem solving method.

*Use the dictionary site to look up words you may be unfamiliar with.     seven steps to problem solving      outlines the 6 steps to problem solving from the book “I want it my way”  Define, brainstorm, action plan, evaluate----contains prompting questions   Public Health.   The first page lists the IDEAL method of problem solving.


Day 2

*You will create a rough draft-pencil drawing-of a problem solving pamphlet for elementary aged kids.  Your pamphlet should follow the tri-fold model.

*You may need to include a glossary in order to define some terms.

*You may want to consider drawing a picture to illustrate each step.

* Refer to the  rubric to see the requirements for the pamphlet.

* Refer to the following site for some general ideas.    pamphlet template


Days 3 and 4

*You will create the final copy of your pamphlet on the paper provided to you by your teacher.  See the rubric so you know how it will be evaluated!


Day 5                              


*Your teacher will provide you 3 letters from kids who have written for help. 

*You should brainstorm ideas, using the problem solving techniques you have       

       learned from your research, to help the kids.  Click here to link to

       a brainstorming guide for help.


Day 6

*You should write rough drafts of your responses for each of the three letters from  

          the elementary kids. 

*Refer to the rubric so you know how your letters will be evaluated.

*Remember, in your responses, you should refer to the problem solving steps you

        have learned about!


*Use this site to help you create a convincing letter! :-)


Day 7

*You need to get 3 Peer Editing Forms from your teacher.

*Now, peer edit 3 responses from 3 different classmates.

*Submit your editing to your teacher for review. 

*Your teacher will give your comments to the appropriate people.


Day 8                              

*You are now ready to revise your letters and submit all drafts to

     your teacher.  

*Be sure to consider all the feedback you have recieved from your peers.

*Check the rubric so you know how you will be evaluated!


Day 9


*You are now ready to write your final copies of the 3 letters.


*Refer to the rubric again if you need to do so.


This site contains letter writing templates for your responses to the kids.  






Day 10

*You have done it!!!  Today you will submit and discuss final products! J