by Cheri Bacon, Lakeshore Middle School

Students will learn about different problem solving techniques and implement them as they answer "letters" from elementary students in need of help. A brochure will also be produced.

Teacher Introduction

Do you have any students who didn't know how to solveproblems with peers?  This can be very frustrating.  Through this Web Quest, your students will learn how to solve problems with peers for themselves.  They will also learn how to teach others to do the same! 

The students will take on the role of an intern for Professor Blem. S. Olving.   He has decided to go on vacation for the next two weeks.  The interns are in charge!  They are to take over all of the Professor's normal activities for the two weeks he is gone.  Luckily the Professor isn't a procrastinator!  He has left one main task for the interns.   The students from Lakeside Elementary have written to Professor  Olving asking for help with problems they are facing with their peers.  Teh interns' task is to research peer problem solving skills.  Then they will answer three of the student's letters giving each advice on what to do based on what they have learned about solving problems with peers.   In addition, interns will need to create a brochure for the students outlining some peer problem solving skills.