by Kristen Collins, Dubose Middle School

In this webquest, students are both authors and editors. During week one they write a short story and research how to get their short story published. The last step is for them to write a persuasive business letter trying to convince an editor to publish their story. In week two, they become editors. They evaluate each others' work, revise and edit it. Then they write a business letter to the author giving suggestions on how to make the story better.


In the first week of this unit, you are an aspiring author. You will go the steps to make a manuscript and get it published.  You will write a persuasive business letter to get the publishing company to publish your work. Will you be a starving artist or will you tell J.K. Rowling to get out of your way!

In the second week of this unit, you are a team of editors.  Together, you will rate the manuscript, make corrections and suggestions. Then write a business letter to the author either making his dreams come true to publish his book or dashing his hopes by rejecting his work.