by Kacie Burns, University Of Michigan - Dearborn

This Webquest activity was created for English/Language Arts classes at the high school level. It focuses on poetry from the Romantic era and literary devices. After students review literary terminology and closely read some poems, they will create ther own poem that emulates Romantic styles and includes literary devices.


During the mid 18th and early 19th century there was a huge shift in technological, socioeconomic and cultural conditions which is referred to as the Industrial Revolution.  This began in Britain and eventually spread throughout the world.  Many new things were introduced such as steam power, industry, canals, railways etc and these changes impacted society greatly.  Synchronized with the Industrial Revolution was the Romantic Movement in which the role of man in Nature was evaluated and criticized.  The strong role of Nature and scenery in poetry became known as "Nature Poetry."

In this Webquest you will explore the Romantic Period and review some different mechanisms for expressing thoughts.  Then you will be able to apply this information as you thoroughly explicate some "Nature Poetry."  In addition, one way to understand the application of these devices as well as the power of poetry is to create your own.  So at the end of this adventure you will do just that!  Let the fun begin!