There are many aspects of violence that can be prevented by a simple conflict resolution: however it must start with you and the way you feel about and understand violence. The belief is that no one truly likes violence, but it surrounds us in many different aspects. When you consider the story of Romeo and Juliet, love is what triggered a series of violent events that really never culminated into anything except angst and frustration. Essentially because of "love" many people are dead that will never know what true love can feel like again. Is it possible that love is such a strong feeling to provoke someone to lead to violent meausures that inevitibly leads that person to lose the moral and ethical human sense? The Hatfields and McCoys rivalry is based on people not being able to get along, which inevitably led to many deaths and constant strife for all family members.



  We now look at people lives like Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi, whom became some of the most politically and socially renowned people in the world because of their non-violent approaches toward their causes. These two people only show you that violence is not the answer, it is not easy, but yes it can be done.

    There have been many cases in everything around us: such as television, news, and movies, which surround us with the thought or action of violence. It is no doubt extremely hard for a student of any age to understand that violence is a horrible concept when it is so prevalent in society. However it is the individual themselves that must distinguish good from bad, and right from wrong: more importantly entertainment form real life. This is why as educators we feel this assignment is more than just a grade. You now have the tools and the knowhow to act against violence, but will you?

            Looking into your future you must know that there are certain feelings and ideas that are always running through your minds just like everyone else. Yet you are different because you have the ability inside you to make a difference in this violent world we now live in. You can stand-up and start today right now. Violence is everywhere especially in schools, but it is you that make the DIFFERENCE, will you?