by Alan Bevacqua, Westgate K-8
Kari Connors, Mount Pleasant Cottage School
Elizabeth Palmer, Hamilton County High School
Michael Thompson, W.B. Saul HS For Agricultural Sciences

Gang, team and group violence is portrayed in many pieces of literature. This web quest is designed to get students to study the actions of these groups and create conflict/resolution strategies to help prevent future violence.

Teacher Introduction

Your job is to research conflicts that have occured between characters or groups in the stories of Romeo and Juliet and the Hatfields and McCoys.  You will then research methods of conflict resolution to find alternative ways of dealing with the conflicts in the stories that may have prevented violence or ended the conflict.  Then, you will create your own example of modern day conflicts that could be prevented. Finally, you will create a presentation that identifies the conflicts, actions, outcomes and alternative outcomes for each of the stories, as well as your modern day example of a conflict and possible ways to prevent violence or stop the conflict. 

That is the introduction for the students. If the teacher expects the students to breakdown and complete all that is required than it is essential for the teacher to complete the tasks first and become an expert on Romeo and Juliet and the Hatfields and McCoys as well as Conflict Resolution. It is imperative that the teacher visits and inspects all links for clarity and purpose and to ensure they remain active. Review the grading procedure and plan for errors and detours as well. Good Luck!