Step 1:

1. First, look at the example propaganda poster 


2. Now, working independently, examine the poster and attempt to answer the questions about the poster. When you get together in your groups later, you will compare answers.

3. We'll have a showcase at the end of the unit in which you will create your own propaganda poster.



Step 2:

  Scavenger Hunt !

 Using the following resources, find the answers to the scavenger hunt.  This is an individual exercise!

Click on the map below to start your search.


Resources  Find out what propaganda is and why we use it. Look at other war-time propaganda pictures.  Did this poster work to recruit our young men and women? More on what propaganda is used for.








Step 3:

Artistic Expression:


Work by yourself or in groups up to three....


Design a propaganda poster.  It should include a simple message, have a strong visual impact, and make the viewer want to take the action suggested.


You may use art supplies from the classroom or use design software such as Adobe Photo Shop.


Refer to the Rubric for expectations and grading criteria.

For other sample wartime propaganda posters click here or visit for more examples.