by Heath Allen Dearing, Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School

This WebQuest will focus on persuasion. Students will be able to identify persuasive techniques, give examples of techniques, and write their own persuasive speech.


You have absolutely no money.  You need a bite to eat before you starve, and oh yeah, you'd like to buy that new pair of Jordans.  You are given one job as your last chance to make some money and buy some food and those shoes:  Sell the insect killing spray Raid.  The only catch is that your clients are a group chosen for you.  Who must you persuade to buy the Raid?  A family of cockroaches.  What would you do?     

Have you ever tried to get someone to believe you or do something for you and failed?  Have you ever asked a parent to give you more allowance, let you stay out a little later, buy you those new shoes?  What methods do you use to persuade them?  Do they work?  Do you need more techniques?

What do you do with the friend that is about to endanger themselves but won't listen to you?  How do you encourage a lazy brother or sister to do something with you to break the boredom of a long Saturday?

Do you wish you could change a school policy like the lunch or the dress code?  Do you know what you could say that would influence the administration to change?

Do you feel strongly about a controversial issue in society like abortion or pollution?  Do you know how to voice your opinion and change a person's mind?

Are you good enough at persuading to sell raid to a cockroach?