Read Chapter 1 

Write in your journal-answer the following questions using complete sentences.

    What kind of books do you think Jack and Annie will find in the treehouse? 

    What would you do if you found a treehouse in the woods?

Is Frog Creek, Pennsylvania a real place?  Look for Frog Creek at the U.S. Postal Service webpage.  US Postal Service


Find Pennsylvania on a map of the United States.  Find your home state on the map. click here for a US map     Label both states on the map in your journal.  Color Pennsylvania blue, color your home state yellow.


Now it's time to read Chapter 2!





Now that you have read Chapter 2 you are ready to research your first dinosaur.  Jack and Annie met a Pteranodon.  Choose from the following websites to find information about Pternanodons.  Write the information you collect in your journal.  Remember to look for information relating to characteristics, habitat, eating habits, and other interesting facts.


Enchanted Learning


The Big Zoo


Now you are ready to read Chapter 3


In Chapter 3 Jack and Annie find out that Pteranodons lived during the Cretaceous period.  Find the 3 periods when the dinosaurs lived and find out what other dinosaurs and animals lived during the Cretaceous period.  Fill out the chart in your journal.




You've done a great job so far.  Read Chapters 4 and 5 to prepare yourself for the next part of your adventure



You are on a roll!  Keep up the good work.

Now that you have read Chapters 4 and 5 you are ready to research the Triceratops.  Find out information about the Triceratops and write in your journal.  Fill out the Triceratops worksheet.



Enchanted Learning

Read Chapter 6 and then return to learn more about a dinosaur with 2 names!


You have just finished Chapter 6.  Annie and Jack found dinosaur nests and came face to face with an Anatosaurus.  Did you know another name for an Anatosaurus is an Edmontosaurus?  Learn more about an Anatosaurus and record your information in our journal. 




Enchanted Learning

In the next two chapters Jack and Annie are going to meet a very exciting dinosaur.  Read Chapters 7 and 8 to find out what happens.



Jack and Annie had a close call with a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Collect information about the T-rex and record it in your journal.

Enchanted Learning                                                   

What an exciting adventure you have had.  You are almost done with the book!  Read Chapters 9 and 10 to find out how your journey will end.


If you were Jack or Annie would you go back to the treehouse?  If you did go back what book would you want to read?  Where do you think the book would take you?  What kinds of adventures would you have?  Answer these questions in our journal using complete sentences.


Congratulations!  You have finished the book.  You are ready for a challenge.  Click on the link below to take a quiz on this book.

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