Part 1

Before you begin, please explore these sites to get an overview of Mesopotamia.

Mesopotamia- The British Museum 

 Welcome to the Babylonian Empire-you will need to click on the babylon button to get the information

Mesopotamian Art

Part 2

For this section, you will need to research 5 different areas of Mesopotamian achievements and record your findings on the record sheet. You will need to record 8 achievements and identify their impact on both Mesopotamian society and our modern society. 


Ziggurats 1            Ziggurats 2



Sumerian Numeration        Babylonian Mathematics        Babylonian Calendar 



Historical Background        Medicine in Ancient Mesopotamia    Managed Care 



Fun stuff 



Plumbing      Copper      Writing 1       Writing 2      Other Innovations



Part 3

Now that you have collected your information, decide which THREE achievements have made the biggest impact on our modern society.  You will need to prepare a posterboard presentation to convince the Museum Board that your choices are the most significant.  A good presentation will have pictures accompanying each achievement and the impact on both Mesopotamia and our society.

Your job will be to present a 3-5 minute persuasive presentation to your classmates.