by Amanda Lemke, Sandy Creek

During this WebQuest students will investigate intellectual property, copyright, and fair use. After taking a quiz to check for understanding, students will work in pairs to create a presentation about what they learned.


By now you should know that it is not acceptable to simply copy someone else’s work and pass it off as your own – that crosses the lines of plagiarism and stealing. But what exactly are the guidelines you are supposed to follow when using portions of someone else’s writing, video, or music? What about YOUR work – can someone else use it without your permission? You don’t have to be famous (think Picasso, ZZ Top, Walt Disney) to earn money from your work. Click here to see a video about these same questions.


Now take a look at the Task to find out how you can protect your exceptionally talented self from being stripped of your future fortune. Oh, and how to avoid stealing someone else’s fortune, too.