by Amanda Lemke, Sandy Creek

During this WebQuest students will investigate intellectual property, copyright, and fair use. After taking a quiz to check for understanding, students will work in pairs to create a presentation about what they learned.

Teacher Introduction

This WebQuest could be used in conjunction with teaching iMovie or after the students have already become familiar with the software.



Early Work questions:

What do you know about copyright? Name at least one thing you would like to know.


Which resources from the Copy the “Right” Way Web Quest did you find most useful? Why?

 As you were creating your presentation, how did you think about applying fair use compared to a presentation you created before this WebQuest?


Share the Teaching Treasurers Copyright Activity found at with your friends and teachers. After they complete the quiz, further explain to them any questions that they missed.



Nebraska Standards

R/W 12.1.1

Students will identify the main idea and supporting details in what they have read.

R/W 12.1.2

Students will locate, evaluate, and use primary and secondary resources for research.

R/W 12.1.6

Students will identify and apply knowledge of the text structure and organizational elements to analyze non-fiction or informational text.


Nebraska Business Education Links to Learn

BE 12.7.1 Ethics

Students will understand the importance of business ethics at the individual, organizational, technological, professional, societal and international levels. They will demonstrate competency by identifying why ethical problems exist, examining ethical models, applying ethical reasoning and adhering to ethical use policies.


BE 12.16.1 Interactive Media

Students will understand the components of interactive media and web technologies. They will demonstrate competency by using a variety of media to communicate information and ideas effectively.


Teaching Treasurers

(See credits for more links)