by Tanya Thienngern, PVHS

Finally, a personal understanding of Love, Romance and Desire. Your task is to explore the three meanings as they may describe the relaionships of characters in the readings you will closely examine. Once you have explored the readings you will think about your understanding of Love, Romance, and Desire and classify each of the relationships you encountered in the readings from this class into one of the those defined terms.


When you see someone for the first time, and your heart beats faster than usual, do you think…LOVE?

Is there a deep, intuitive understanding of romance?


What about the feelings you have for someone that exist for the short term, in an instance and are gone within the hour…is this desire?

Is there any distinction in your life between the three terms?


Your expertise on the subjects are needed in this quest, to gain further insight on the nature of each term, so we can apply it to relationships in literature throughout time. Perhaps with your knowledge gained by the end of this quest, you will be more equipped to deal with relationships in your life.