by Kimberly King, Buffalo State College

The students redesign their room by determining how much trim, carpet, and wallpaper they need using area and perimeter. They will find out how much something like this costs, get a loan, and figure out the interest and monthly payments. Then they will have to use all the information that they gathered to write a letter to their parents, convincing them to approve their room.



Room Redo


Do you like your room? Would change anything about it?  Here's your chance. Your parents realize that you are getting older and maybe the Winnie the Pooh or space ship print on your walls is getting a little old. They are trusting you to take over and make responsible decisions. You are in charge of planning it out, measuring it out, and buying all of the materials. They are also asking you to find out how much all of this is going to set them back. Can you do it?