by Lynne Rowell, Rock Hill High School

This webquest will study the Roaring Twenties with a "Gatsby Cruise" on a luxury ocean liner, the USS F. Scott Fitzgerald, which is embarking on its maiden voyage. Planning the cruise theme will be specialists responsible for creating an atmosphere similar to the Roaring 20s. The ship will be furnished and decorated with the art, furniture, and color schemes of the 1920's; food and fashion will be like that which Gatbsy and Daisy might have enjoyed; important people of the 1920's will be on board the cruise liner, and daily news events will be a part of the shipboard banter and Captain's Table dinner conversation. The roles of the participants will be as follows: fashion coordinator, Master chef, Interior designer, entertainment agent, and omnium gatherum person.


     F. Scott Fitzgerald  wrote about  "The American Dream" in his novel The Great Gatsby, and he implied that the dream was there for the taking. What were the changes in attitude that took place in Americans that made them so different from their straight-laced counterparts from the turn of the century? What were the origins and uses of  Art Deco? What made the Flappers have such a raucous, sassy attitude? What changes in technology brought about the huge growth in the economy and then the rapid demise with the Great Depression?  Who were some of the influential people in literature and music during  the Roaring Twenties?

     You and nine other classmates in your group have been chosen to plan a cruise for the maiden voyage of the USS F. Scott Fitzgerald, a 1920s ocean liner sailing from New York to Charleston . You will each share one of five ( 5  ) roles in planning the voyage.  During your planning and researching, you will have the roles of interior designer, master chef, fashion coordinator, entertainment agent, and omnium gatherum (miscellaneous cultural information gatherer). Your final product will be a project board, oral presentation , and brochure advertising the newly christened ship. You will find that the sites I have located for you are fascinating and filled with information that will help you understand the culture of The Great Gatsby.