by David Golod, Todd Elementary School

This webquest is a companion to the novel "Fever 1793" by Laurie Halse Anderson It is designed to teach the students about the yellow fever epidemic of 1793, gain an understanding of how the disease was spread, the disease itself, the medical practices and practioners of the day, and the conditions in Philadelphia that lead to the outbreak. The goal for the students is to take this information and create a way to save the people of the city if they were to go back in time with their knew knowledge.


Now that you have finished reading "Fever 1793" I want to ask you one question:

"How would you like to go back in time and help save the people of Philadelphia from the tragic Yellow Fever outbreak of 1793?"

I am glad you answered yes, because you and your classmates are going to have the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel back in time, armed with the knowledge of the 21st centruy, to help save Mattie's family and many others.

You are going to use the internet, your research and reasoning skills to put together a presentation for the doctors of 1793 and convince them that you know how to SAVE PHILADELPHIA!