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You have been assigned to a research team.  This task is too big for one woman to master on her own.  Decide in your group who will cover each role.

After each detective has a role to play agree on a system of documentation.  If you are in the business of catching academic dishonesty, you had better not be guilty of it. 

Your final report will need to be a comprehensive view of plagiarism, fair use, and academic dishonesty.  Make sure that your final report is professional and original.  This is your first chance to make an impression on the brass of CID.

Resource Sites:

Cal State L.A. University Writing Center 

The OWL at Purdue: Avoiding Plagiarism

NNHS: How Do I Avoid Plagiarism?

United States Copyright Office

United States Copyright Office 2

Stanford Copyright & Fair Use Center

Plagiarism Software and Service Sites:

Copy Catch Gold 

Plagiarism Articles:

Busting the New Breed of Plagiarist 

The Educators' Lean and Mean No FAT Guide to Fair Use 

Dealing With Plagiarists 


CNN: Teacher Resigns Over Plagiarism Fight

Online Paper Mills:

12,000 Term Papers

15,000 Term Papers

A1 Term Papers


Evaluation: Once your task force has created the final report, submit it to your superior via the internet.  The rubric on the following page outlines the criteria he will be evaluating you on.  Be prepared to handle your first case as soon as he receives your report.  Good luck.