The roles to choose:

1. The Anchorperson needs to tell what happened to the area during the natural disaster. They will
include facts about the area and background of the natural disaster.

2. The Meteorologist will provide background information on how the natural disaster formed and
what effects it has on the weather. Their news report needs to include a map of the area.

3. The Victim is someone who was living in the area during the natural disaster. You must tell their
feelings and interpretation of the situation and what happened to them.

4. The Volunteer is someone who has come in to help with saving people involved in the disaster and
with the clean-up efforts. You must tell what the people are doing to help with restoring the area.

5. The FEMA respresentative will give a report on what is expected to happen in the area. They will
give predictions on the situation for the next month, 6 months, and year.


The following is a list of natural disasters link. You are expected to visit each site in the FOR ALL category. Then visit and read the links under your natural disaster. Your group will have the freedom to decide how you will  present the information in the news report. It is your responsibility to work as a group to make a cohesive news report.

The news report should last approximately 5 minutes.


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