by Jennifer Thompson, Solanco High School

This Webquest is an interactive exploration of the Russian Revolution from the fall of the Tsarist government until Lenin's installation as leader of the Russian government.


        Imagine you are hungry, jobless and poor.  On top of all your other difficulties, you're stuck in freezing Russia with no one to help out you besides that puppet Nicholas II and his crazy sidekick Rasputin.  The government around you is too inefficient to give you any help and you and your peasant friends are getting angry.  You and the rest of the peasants just want some "Peace and Bread" so you raise a little ruckus and the tsarist government falls like snow on a winter day in Russia.   But the new government around is still unstable.  This uncertainty breeds the perfect environment for some news guys to come along including Vladimir Lenin and his Socialist Bolsheviks. 

In this WebQuest you will learn: What factors led to the Russian revolution, what effects political upheaval had on the citizens of Russia especially peasants, and the events that paved the way for the Cold War.

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