Determine the factors that led to the March revolution and the installation of a Socialist government in Russian by exploring social, political, and economic motives. In order to accomplish this task you will need to explore primary and secondary internet sources on the Revolution.  Some suggested sources include The October Manifesto, April Theses etc.  Some questions you may want to address during the completion of your project are as follows: Who did the Socialist government benefit the most? Who supported this government? In addition to bringing together these factors, each student must complete one journal entry from the perspective of a Russian peasant.


1) One page report on the factors leading to fall of Tsar Nicholas II

    *Must include political, economic, and social factors*

    *Must includea thesis*

2) One journal entry from the perspective of the Russian citizen from either a pre-Revolution standpoint or during the post- Revolution rise of Lenin and his Socialist government.

        *Try to address specific events and create a connection between the feelings of the individual and the changing times around them*