by Robert Mahoney, Dallas HIgh School

Technological advances bring forth controversy. For example, people have argued that space exploration is a waste of public funds, while others show the many innovations that have come from this endeavor. Today's technological advances are no different. Some believe that the government should monitor the Internet, while others believe that free speech should prevail. At the high school level, a technological controversy has arisen. The controversy is whether or not iPods should be allowed within an educational environment.


Background Information:

Students at Dallas High School are not permitted to wear iPods or other MP3 players, as it is accepted that it is counterproductive to have students listening to content other than the teacher. Yet, there are many arguments made that this rule is too strict.

Arguments against restricting iPod use:

  1. Students state that they they need the background noise to do their assigned classwork, once the teacher is done lecturing.
  2. Students state that they should be allowed to use them during breaks.
  3. Students state they help in classes like Art.
  4. There are many other arguments made in favor of permitting iPods.
There are just as many arguments that iPods and school don't mix.


Arguments in favor of restricting iPod use:

  1. Spoken words, including lyrics, attract the portion of the brain that is used in processing schoolwork
  2. Use of iPods would make it difficult to hear Code Reds or other emergency announcements
  3. If iPods are permitted in selected classes, students will try to sneak them into other classes
  4. There are many other arguments against permitting iPods in school