by Janice Harding, Seneca Middle School

Students will work in a team of four as a panel of experts advising the board of directors of GreenTech, Inc. (a fictional energy company) whether or not to invest in biofuels for biogasoline.


Could gas prices ever hit $10 a gallon?? Our dependence on fossil fuels for running our cars and heating our homes could really "break the bank" someday. As these natural resources become more scarce, we are looking at ways to break our dependency on them and clean up the greenhouse gases they create. Global warming, high gas prices, and increased tensions with oil producing nations are causing us to look for cheaper, cleaner, and more easily obtainable sources of fuel. Are biofuels the answer? In this WebQuest, you will work in teams to try an answer this question as you act in the role of researchers for a fictional alternative energy company, GreenTech Inc.