by Richard Damon, Franklin High School
Dale Haefer, Franklin H.S.

Webquest of prescribed topics relevant to Elizabethan Era and Life and Times of William Shakespeare to be formatted in Powerpoint

Teacher Introduction

This webquest and accompanying powerpoint presentation has grown out of relatively unscaffolded powerpoint assignment we piloted in 2006-7.  We realized that students needed more technical support with the programs and more practice in evaluating and gleaning material from sites for inclusion in their presentations. 

This project will be introduced in a 9th grade Seminar class which is designed to improve student's technical and analytical skills as they begin at Franklin High School.  After an initial practice search through the sites in the webquest, a tutorial on the Powerpoint program, and the completion of a few practice powerpoint slides, students will work on a specific, assigned topic for a final Powerpoint presentation they will deliver to their peers in their Language Arts class.

After presenting and publishing their Powerpoint projects, students will analyze end revise two or three projects of their peers.  It is hoped that this will be a first step toward increasing student's willingness to revise their own work.  They will likely  have no problem recognizing flaws in the work of others; hopefully, they will start to see the value of revising the flaws in their own work.

The project will be completed with an essay in which students compares and contrast two projects their peers have created on the same topic.