by Agnes Gath, Valley Central Middle School

This webquest is set up to review the mathematical concepts of measurement and conversion with both the customary and the metric systems. It is my goal for these students to connect what they know about measurements to relationships they must use in science. My students should finish this quest with a better understanding of the interconnectedness of volume and capacity.


Each student will have received 70 % or better on the pretest before beginning this quest. Those who need to will be getting some extra review before starting the quest.   

As you will be using measurements in both math and science with different processes, it is important that you  have mastered skills in the measurement area. We will be reviewing and testing your knowledge of both the customary and metric measurement systems. After you have verified your knowledge of these systems, you have the opportunity to  look at the relationship between volume and capacity. In our math classes we will talk of the science themes that go along with these math concepts, such as density. You are to become experts in connecting these themes of math, science and technology through real world applications. You will be writing about how these subjects are interconnected and overlap in many different themes.