Step 1

Form a group of 4 people

To make your group work as happily and productively as possible use the mood barometer and/or the quest diary after each group session.



 Step 2 

Everyone has their own interest when it comes to travel. What appeals most to each member of your group? Nominate your interests, choosing perhaps one of the following roles:



Role 1: Wildlife Warrior

Wildlife is your passion. Your camera is packed and you can't wait to experience Australia's terrific fauna and flora.


Role 2: Sportsman

You're mad about sports and some of Australia's greatest sporting events happen over the summer.


Role 3: Outback Adventurer

You can't wait to explore the Australian outback. 


Role 4: Artist

Painting, theatre, dance......what does Australia's unique indigenous culture have to offer?



 If none of these roles appeal to you, find your own and describe it to your group. 






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Step 3:  



Now that each of you has taken a specific role, you can start to decide where you want to go in Australia and what you want to do there.  



Based on what you already know about Australia, agree on a starting point for your journey. Use this map and remember that Australia is a pretty big country to travel. 





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Step 4: 



Inquire about a return flight from Frankfurt to your Australian destination. You are flying in your Christmas holidays also a major holiday period in Australia. 







Singapore Airlines


Malaysian Airlines






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 Step 5:



Now work with the links that apply to your role.


Each member of the group has to come up with 3 events/activities.


While you are working through the information, take notes and collect as much information as necessary so that you can inform your group about this event/activity later. Don't forget your limits



You have to convince your group that it is worth-while!




You don’t have to understand every word when you read the   information. Focus on the main ideas. If you need help, use this online dictionary  or ask your group members 






Role 1: Wildlife Warrior 

Wildlife Tourism


Ecotourism (enter "Nature" as search word)


Queensland Great Barrier Reef


Queensland Rainforest


Tasmanian Wildlilfe Tours


Victorian Nature and Wildlife


NSW Nature and Wildlife


South Australian Wildlife



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Role 2: Sportsman

Sports Calendar   


Sports Events


Sports Event Tickets







Role 3: Outback Adventurer   

Queensland Outback


Outback Now


The Outback Loop




Uluru/Kata Tjuta

School of the Air

Northern Territory            Queensland 

                        New South Wales


Royal Flying Doctor Service


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Role 4: Artist

Aboriginal Tours


Aboriginal Travel


Aboriginal Tourism


Information on Aboriginal Culture and Art





 Additional Roles




        Australia Travel Search









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  Step 6:  



Come together in your group and present your findings.








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  Step 7:  



Now work on the presentation of your travel route. (see criteria)


Present your favourite travel route with the help of a power-point presentation to support your presentation.




For your presentation:




Power-point slides are only there to support your oral presentation.

Only include images and text that is purposeful for the audience.








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 Step 8: 



Come together in your group again to create your advertising brochure for the competition now. Be ready to hand in your brochure (on paper!). To create an appealing brochure, you need to focus on three elements:







Remember you want to win the real trip to Australia , so ....



               ....“give it a go”.




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