by Yvonne Webb

Highschool newscast about the graphic images Britain is putting on their tobacco products, allows the students to decide if the U.S. should use them. Requires research into how tobacco effects the body.


Smoking, smokeless tobacco, and second hand smoke all take a huge toll on the victims they consume as well as the loved ones who watch them whither away, suffering from the many physical ailments that accompany tobacco use.  The financial impact of tobacco use can also be very substantial.  Do tobacco users know the damage they are doing to themselves and the pain they are causing their loved ones?  How do we keep people from starting to use tobacco, and even more difficult, how do we get them to quit once they have started? 

A few countries have divised such a plan.  They are going to create graphic images of the effects of tobacco use and put these on all tobacco products sold in their country.  The hope is that these images will scare users and potential users enough to make them stop.  On August 31, 2007, a daily newspaper out of Britain called The Telegraph announced that “The graphic images, which include the corpse of a lung cancer victim and a tumour growing from a victim's neck, will be shown on all tobacco products by 2009. “ According to Health Secretary Alan Johnson, the “written warnings which currently appear on tobacco products were losing their punch,” and now require a warning with a little more punch ( 

The United States have a lot of smokers too. Would we benefit from such a law?  It is now your job to research the effects of tobacco, the benefits of graphic warning labels, and decide if America should use graphic warning labels as well.  Finally, you must present a newscast to tell America what you have discovered and what your recommendations are.