Become an Expert 

Reach a Consensus 

Present your Argument



Bioengineering & Medicine Individual Report

Environment Individual Report

Space Exploration Individual Report


1) Decide which of the following areas of science and technology research will have the greatest global impact in the 21st Century.

2) BECOME AN EXPERT: Each person in the group will pick one area of technology research and become the group's expert in that area. 

 3) REACH A CONSENSUS:  The group members will get together and decide as a group which area will have the greatest global impact in the next ten years.

4) THEN, each of you will have a task in researching and developing your group  presentation on that one area of science your group agrees is the most important kind of science for the 21st century.


SEAT A: Describe the history of your science field: Who were the first workers in this field? What research did they do? What kinds of instruments did they use? What did they write?

SEAT B: Describe current research in this field: List current researchers. Describe what they are doing. What kinds of instruments and technologies do they use? What have they written?

SEAT C: Why is this field important right now? What evidence suggests this?

SEAT D: Give us your prediction: What important things will this field provide in the next 100 years? How will this science change over time? What evidence suggests that this will be true?

5) PRESENT YOUR ARGUMENT: Your group will make 1) a PowerPoint or Poster presentation, and 2) a brochure presenting your argument for why the area your group picked will have the greatest global  impact in the 21st century. 

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With your group come to a consensus at to which area of research you think will have the greatest global impact. 

Some things to consider:



Now that you've chosen your area it's time to present your reasoning.  Your group is responsible for making a power point presentation with a minimum of 7 slides.

You will need to divide up the work by assigning roles or making each person in charge of a set number of slides. Some possible roles could be: presenter, researcher, writer, or  presentation engineer.

In your presentation you will need to persuade the audience as to why that area of research will have the greatest global impact. Below is a possible order for your presentation.

Some helpful Hints: 

Be sure to define what your group is considering global.  You may also want to include some reasons why the other areas won't have as much of an impact as yours.

You may also want to get some more information to make your argument the best by using additional resources or searching on your own.