by Melinda Flint, Redwood Elementary

This webquest is for 3rd graders. The quest will be for students to compare their lives to those of Native American children of the same age. They will compare all parts of thier lives so the students will understand what life was like for Native Americans and then compare it to their own lives.



Native Americans lived in the western territory of the United States long before it became the state of Utah. In each tribe lived many people including children your age 8-9. How were these children different or how were they the same compared to your life.  What did these children do for fun? How did the Native Americans find food?  How did these people live?  What were their homes like? What did they eat?  What did the children of your age (8-9) do for fun? What was it like to be a child within a tribe?   This web quest will take you back to the 1800's and help you to understand what it was like to be a Native American.