by Rebecca Goelz

This WebQuest is designed to provide students with an opportunity to analyze the fundamental beliefs of the Anti-Federalists and Federalists political groups. Students will be assigned to completing researching on one specific group; identifying the central figures of each group, in order to properly represent their group in the roundtable discussion. Students of both groups will engage in a round table discussion focusing on the central issue, the United States Constitution.


Setting the Stage

Liberty bells are ringing! The battle that you have sacrificed so much for is over. United with revolutionaries up and down the Atlantic Coast , you are saluting your new found freedom. As you are traveling from town to town declaring the victory, you bump into an old friend of yours. While discussing this new found freedom, you and your friend get into a heated discussion about what kind of government should be created. The heated exchange makes you wonder who else feels differently than you do.

Upon invitation, you arrive at the Continental Congress; you are prepared to work with educated men from each of the 13 states. Together you attempt to devise a new constitution that will outline the way your new country is governed. Again you find yourself in fervent disagreement with other members of the Continental Congress.

Tired of the altercations, a moderator of the Constitutional Convention decides to create a roundtable discussion forum where members who share your common beliefs on government can speak openly with members of the opposing belief.

At first you are unsure of whether you want to oblige members of the opposing group by engaging in conversation with them; yet after much thought, you realize that the only way to strengthen this new nation is to work with members of the opposing faction. It is your responsibility to strengthen the union!