by Melissa Shoff, Maryvale High School

Students will work in assigned groups to research one of the five major world religions. By the end of this WebQuest, students will not only be able to describe the beliefs of the major world religions, they will be able to compare and contrast those beliefs.



Imagine that you are living in the year of 5008. The world has changed dramatically!  The most obvious change is that religion is has been outlawed. However, you are the absolute ruler of your city and it is plagued with disease, poverty, and famine. You ponder how you will ever be able to survive. You think about the world history you were taught (sorry, school still exists) and begin to question how you would feel if you had a belief system like the people before. But, which one would work for you? There are five major religions you remember- Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. You discuss your ideas with your advisors and decide to organize an "underground" and illegal dinner party to discuss this matter of religion. The "party" must be secret because you could find yourself dead if the country ruler found out about your ideas! You also decide to travel back in time and secretly invite the founders of those world religions back to dinner. You request that each founder try to convince you that their religion is the one for your city to adopt. What religion will reign supreme?