by Sally Jo Crandall, Lake Forest College

In this webquest, students will prepare for the "real world" by researching potential income for their ideal job and many living expenses in order to create a budget. This activity will involve students in learning about gross versus net income, interest rates and their effect on loan payments, decisions involved in renting an apartment, and balancing a budget.


Look into my crystal ball and see your future. . .

Have you ever uttered the phrase "If only I had known..." or heard someone say "Hindsight is 20/20"?  These are often spoken after someone realizes they did not make a very good decision.  During this project, you will be learning how to make good being well-informed and prepared.  

Project Roles:

You and your friends are fresh out of college and are planning on being roommates.  Each of you has completed the degree(s) required for your dream career, and now you have to find out if you can make it in the "real world."  Can you do it?