by Sarah Holsen, Lake Forest College

This WebQuest is designed to get students to think about the influences that geography, climate, and natural resources play in developing culture. In particular, the webquest deals with the origin stories of different Native American tribes and the interaction of myths and folktales with the surrounding environment. Students will uncover key elements about particular tribes and use that knowledge to truly understand the tribes' unique culture. They will use many different resources to deepen their understanding of Native American tribes.



By the time you begin this WebQuest, you will all be experts on the seven different cultural regions of the Native Americans... Right?  Well... Maybe not. 

   Your book has done a good job of getting you acquainted with many of the different regions and some of the tribes who lived in those regions.  But, it left me wondering, and I hope it left you wondering, well what else?!  The  Native Americans were here in North America long before any European settlers arrived, and they had families, religion, governments, homes, languages, stories, fashion, and more; in short, they had lives, a society, and a culture. 

   Throughout this WebQuest, you are going to have the opportunity to find out more details about the lives of Native Americans.  You will do this by looking at different aspects of Native American culture, like stories, environment, language and so on.  Additionally, you will look at their unique creation myths and folktales that will give us a first hand look at how they might have thought about life.  I hope you walk away understanding the connection between history, culture, and geography.