1.  What is courage?  Brainstorm a definition of courage.  Print this template to keep track of your definition of courage.  This will be turned in to your teacher.


2.  Next, look up the definition of courage using the online reference dictionary and add the definitions, synonyms, and any other information you feel is helpful to your template.


3.  Next, create a Want-Ad for a courageous person. Keep in mind the characteristics you have brainstormed in step 2 above.  Be creative!

4.  Next, learn more about the Danish Resistance and Nazi occupied Denmark by visiting the following sites.  As you gather information be sure to change it into your own words.  You may use quotes, but must give credit to your source for the quote. You will be required to include a bibliography citing all the sources you used. You can find the proper format for preparing your bibliography here.

The Rescue of Danish Jews 

Picture from Jewish Virtual Library

Information on Danish resistance efforts

USHMM -Denmark

USHMM-The Rescue of the Jews of Denmark



An American soldier stands near a wagon piled high with corpses outside the crematorium in the newly liberated Buchenwald concentration camp.


  Picture and text  from Wikimedia Commons

General information on the holocaust

Holocaust History

USHMM-For Students

Jewish Virtual Library


5.  Next, as you read Number the Stars, take notes on how each character acted courageously.  What did he or she do that showed courage?  What did he or she say that showed courage?  Which character was the most courageous?

6.  Pick the character you felt acted most courageously and explore the related site(s).  

Ellen Rosen
Holocaust Children
The Children of Izieu


Begging children in the Warsaw ghetto.  Picture from Wikimedia Commons


Jews forcibly pulled out of dug-outs during the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.  Picture from Wikimedia Commons

Mr. Rosen, Mrs. Rosen

USHMM-Aide and Escape




Danish fishermen (foreground) ferry Jews across a narrow sound to safety in neutral Sweden during the German occupation of Denmark. Sweden, 1943 (USHMM Photo).


Annemarie Johansen, Lise   Johansen,Mr. Johansen, Mrs. Inge Johansen, Peter, Uncle Henrik


USHMM-Bibliographies-Oscar Schindler

USHMM-Resistance  during the Holocaust



Picture from 
 Jewish Virtual Library


King Christian

The Yellow Star



7.  From the information you gather above you will be preparing both a PowerPoint presentation to share with the class, as well as an essay persuading the editors of The Star Telegram that your nominee deserves to be selected as the "Most Courageous Character."

8.  Finally, you will be reflecting on this assignment, evaluating both the process and your products.