by Shane Fitzgerald, Memorial University Of Newfoundland



ATTENTION ATTENTION Children of the world!! Root Canal here, reporting live from the Colgate Mansion. The Tooth Fairy has taken ill, I repeat the Tooth Fairy has taken ill. OH NO!! What will the Tooth Fairy do? How will our teeth get their proper care now? She is the only person we can turn to. An incoming fax from the Tooth Fairy herself says that she is requesting YOUR class to take on the responsibility of delivering good dental health and hygiene tips to every child who loses a tooth tonight. I know what you're thinking. How can we possibly do this? The tooth fairy has magical powers that allow her to fly all over the world. Magical powers that boys and girls do not have. However, The Tooth Fairy has a plan. She says that you must promote dental hygiene using FAIRY TALES. Yes! You have heard it here live at the Colgate Mansion. The Tooth Fairy is indeed sick and unable to fly around the world tonight, and is asking your class to do her job using her favourite form of reading; FAIRY TALES.

Good Luck, Be Safe, and Make The Tooth Fairy Proud


    Root Canal,                                        




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