by Shane Fitzgerald, Memorial University Of Newfoundland

Teacher Introduction

 Dental health is a component of the healthy living k-6 curriculum. Therefore, students of all ages can use this WebQuest(with some modifications) and search the internet to read a variety of Fairy Tales(already learned in previous grade levels), explore the importance of good dental health and itís implications, and by the end, make a connection between the two. Students will research good dental health practices and chose a Fairy Tale, in which they will discuss what they have read and will work together to develop a new 'Tooth Fairy Tale' promoting good dental health tips. 





Kindergarten to grade six, but more specifically grade five and six students will use this internet activity to locate various pieces of useful information regarding dental health and good dental hygiene. Additionally, students will use the internet to select a Fairy Tale, whereby they will be expected to incoporate at least(but not limited) one piece of information regarding good dental health. Lastly, the students will then be asked to take their 'Tooth Fairy Tales' and perform them in front of the class (via Readerís Theatre). This will require students to locate, analyse, interpret and categorize information into appropriate headings, they will reflect on personal experiences, they will explore the wonderfulness of Fairy Tales, and it will evaluate their understanding, by having them create an original Fairy Tale using the data collected. This encompasses and addresses several k-6(more specifically grade 5 & 6) English-Language Arts, Healthy Living, and Science outcomes.