* First, your group will select team roles, then you will exam the resources available to you regarding dental health, while highlighting and discussing your findings. Here, your group will analyse, review, and record the information that you feel is important for all kids to know about proper dental health.

* Secondly, your group will search the available resources on Fairy Tales. Here, you must select ONE Fairy Tale that your group can easily use to incorporate some aspects of the information you gathered from the dental health links in the section above.

~*~ Keep in mind, you will be rearranging the Fairy Tale to fit around a dental health concept(a minimum of one concept) . So pick a Fairy Tale that your group believes will give the best 'Tooth Fairy Tale'~*~   

* Thirdly, your group will unite and produce a Readerís Theater based on the 'Tooth Fairy Tale' your group has produced from the dental health information collected.

* Lastly, as an individual extension to this activity, you will be responsible for emailing(address provided in the process section) The Tooth Fairy, describing what YOU have learned by doing all this research on dental health, and how the Fairy Tales helped in presenting this extremely important information. 

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