You will begin with a knowledge quest.  Use the provided web sites to explore and find the answers to the questions.




Why do you think it is important to differentiate instruction in YOUR classroom?

Effective differentiated instruction starts with an effective lesson plan.  To fully achieve the desired outcomes, one must begin with those outcomes.  Two approaches foundational in differentiated planning include Essential Questions and the Backward Design approach.  If you are unfamiliar with these principles, please take some time to familiarize yourself.  You will be asked to use these approaches in your lesson plan format. 

While many teachers are accustomed to essential questions and the backwards design approach, there may be those who are unfamiliar with these curriculum planning techniques. 

More on Essential Questions or Toolkit for Essential Questions

More on Backward Design

Now that you have some understanding of what differentiated learning is, it is time to try and apply it toward a short lesson.  For time and practicality sake, start with a lesson you can do in a day.

 Lynelle's DI Hotlist 

            When you are ready to begin, rewrite the lesson plan you brought with you.     

            Remember, your lesson must have clear objectives and outcomes before you can differentiate.  Use an essential question to stimulate higher order thinking from your students and backwards planning from yourself.   

            Please use the template at the following link or your own computer generated document.                                                                       

            Lesson Plan Format

You have completed your lesson plan, now it's time to share your lesson with a partner in your department.  Sharing includes verbalization of lesson, how it is differentiated, why it is differentiated that way, and what other lessons could be differentiated in the same way.  Each person should come away from the discussion with at least two applicable lessons.

A resource to explore when you have time ARPS.