Step One- Pick a topic.

What do you want to find out about England.  You'll need to pick one of these areas to explore.  Here they are in case you didn't rember:

1) What is the geography of England like?  How is it different from our geography?

For this topic, you'll have to draw a map of England to show where it is on the Earth.  You'll also have to find out what the land looks like, and if it's the same or different from how the land looks here in Florida.  Use these web sites for your research:


2) What is the weather like in England?  Is it similar or different than ours?

For this topic, you'll have to find out what kind of weather they have in England in the spring, summer, fall, and winter times.  You'll also have to find out the average temperatures, too.  Do they have hurricanes like we do?  Snowstorms?  Earthquakes or volcanoes?  Use these web sites for your research:

3) What do the kids in England like to do for fun?  Is it similar to what we do?

For this topic you'll have to find out all about kids in England.  What sports do they play?  What music do they listen to?  What games do they play?  What books do they read?  What do they like to wear?  Is it different from what kids in Florida like to do?Use these web sites for your research:

4) Why do they have a queen in England?  Why don't they have a president like us?

For this topic, you'll have to find out about the system of government in England.  How is it similar to the US goverment? How is it different?  If you like to  find out about rules and laws, this topic is for you!  Use these web sites for your research:


5) How do you say "cool" in British English?  How is our language different?

We know that the people in England speak English, but why does it sound different when they say certain words?  How do they say the things we say, but with different words?  You'll have to do some research on how they talk, O.K. mate?  Use these web sites for your research:


6) What are some exciting places to see in England?  How are these places similar to the exciting places we have in our country?

For this topic, you'll have to find out some special places and things to see that are only in England.  Are they the same as the things we have in our state?  Our country?  Use these web sites for your research:

Step Two- Pick a Partner.

You should choose a partner who is interested in learning about the same thing you're interested in learning about.  You should pick someone who you can trust to help you with the project you're going to do.  Once you pick a partner, tell Mrs. Chandler or Miss Bayless.

Step Three-  Do the research.

Depending on your topic, you will need a special research worksheet that Mrs. Chandler and Miss Bayless will give you.  Some people will need to write down facts.  Some people will need a map and a chart.  Some people will need to make lists of what words are similar and different.  You and your partner will need to get on the computer and find the information you need to fill out your research sheets.  Remember, the more information you find and write down, the better your project will be.  Make sure you get your research sheet checked by a teacher before you move on to the next step. 

Step Four- Decide on a project type. 

You need to look at your research and decide what project you and your partner can do.  Think about your talents, too.  They are listed below in case you forgot.

1.  A power point presentation

This is for all the computer whizzes out there.  You have to be willing do do a lot of writing and find pictures to show your ideas on the class.  The good thing is that if you have terrible handwriting-it's O.K., because you get to type!  Also, if your drawing is anything like mine (pretty terrible), you can find pictures from the computer!

2.  A poster

This project would be great for all the artists out there who want to present their information on a surface.  You need to have neat handwriting and you have to be able to draw pretty well, too!

3.  A poem or a book

This is for all you writers out there.  You can write a poem about the facts you find or create your own book with non-fiction features!  You need to have a creative mind, like to write, or have excellent rhyming skills!

4.  A diorama (shoe box project)

This is a project for people who actually like to create 3D art.  You have a shoe box that you have to fill with 3D images or drawings that show what you've learned.  This one will be tricky and time-consuming so be prepared to do your best thinking, drawing, and creating!