by Brenda Gladwell, UArts

Aboriginals are the native people of Australia.The aboriginals had a unique way of writing stories down using picture,symbols and dots.these images tell stories and talk about dreamtime in a beautiful art form.In this Web Quest we will be looking for aboriginal symbol and meanings to create our on stories of dream time using the aboriginal art form.


Through out history there have been many different cultures ,languages,and events.

Every society had a different way of keeping records of these happening. The aboriginal people of Australia were no different. They have a unique way of recording there history through a pictural sytem of there dreamtime. Dreamtime is A way of living for the Aboriginal people and if you click on this link you can find out more.

Use the links provided to create your story and record what you have found out. you will be responsible for creating an image and be able to tell the class about you story.