You are part of a team of teachers charged with the task of creating a Sweetwater district wiki on differentiation.  This wiki will allow teachers to access general information, resources, ideas and materials on how to bring a differentiation mindset and practice into their classroom.  In a group you will create a link page on the wiki on one particular aspect of differentiation.   


1)  Why differentiate?  Watch this video.  Then take this online quiz as a group or in partners.

2)  Examine an overview of differentiation and the chart to define the basics of bringing differentiated instruction into the classroom.  Use the graphic organizer in your folder to take notes from the page.

3) What is a wiki and what are the benefits of using one?  Watch this video to see.

4) Look at a few examples of school and instructional based wikis.

5)  Take a look at the district wiki site.  Sign in as a new user or with a previously established wikispaces account so you can make changes to the site.  Check out the example link page on "RAFT's".  

6)  In working collaboratively to creating your web page, each group member will choose one of the following roles to perform during your work.

Technology expert-This person is in charge of the technical aspects of the task including making sure links work, adding content and images, and general tech issues.

Analyst-As you analyze the information and resources you come across you want to be sure to evaluate the validity of the websites you reference.  This document provides guidelines to consider when doing so.  Also, this wiki is designed for secondary teachers, so make sure all sites target this population.

Layout designer-The overall design of the site is vital to usability and effectiveness.  This person will take the lead on font, pictures, and the general layout of the page.

Manager-It is important to make sure all members contribute and have an equal voice on the outcome of the page.  Also, keep track of time to be sure that a somewhat completed page is done in time to share.

7)  View the attached list and, as a group, chose the focus of the page you will create for the wiki.

8)  Using the list of page choices, follow some of the provided links for information on your topic.  At the bottom of the page you will find general links that may have additional information on your topic.  In addition, do some searching of your own to find references and links for your topic. 

9)  The attached checklist may help you build a successful and effective page.  Also, see the rubric under the Evaluation tab to self-assess your site prior to completing your page.  You can also find a hard copy in your seminar folder.

10) Some tips during the work session:                                                                                *Each group of four needs to use at least two computers-the computer lab is available for this purpose.                                                                                                     *One computer at a time may edit a page or the information will not all be saved.         *Be sure to refresh the page before editing to ensure all new items appear.                     *With about 10 minutes left, check your page and put on some finishing touches.        

11)   At the end of the given time, your group will elect a spokesperson to give a brief 2-3 minute overview of your page to the whole group.  Afterwards, your group, will examine two other pages and add something to the discussion tab to each page answering, "How I can use this in my classroom?".