by Stephanie Smith, SDSU

The following webquest will guide students through Elizabethan England in a hands on approach to learning about the time period. In groups, students will research one of four topics to add to a group powerpoint presentation. When presenting to the class students will assume the role of a famous person from the time period presenting to a modern audience. Throughout the research process students will assume their famous role and write entries in a daily journal. The culminating application of this research will be seen in the performance of a scene from a Shakespeare play in which each group member has at least 50 lines to memorize. The scene will be performed true to the time period.


Iím sure you have read a play or two by William Shakespeare, and I am sure you have been confused a time or two by his complex language. What if you were in the society in which he was writing for? Would you understand his rhetoric instead of be intimidated by the language? You are going to get a chance to do just that by using the web you will have a chance to become a member of Elizabethan Society in hopes of getting behind the words of the bard.