by Robin Ebelt, Bethlehem Lutheran

The purpose of this WebQuest is to give the students an overview of the events of World War II, specifically focusing on Germany and Adolf Hitler.


World War II was the most widespread and violent war.  This WebQuest will take you on a journey where you will:

1.  Get to know the primary players in World War II.  It was a war of aggression and expansion from primarily three countries: Germany, Italy and Japan.

2.  Understand the meaning of fascism.  Germany and Italy were both under the control of leaders who came to power by suppressing minorities and stirring up hatred in their countries.

3.  Focus on the European side of the war, despite the fact that Japan was seeking to control the Pacific Ocean.


4. Consider the advances made in the field of science: radar, jet propulsion and the A-bomb

5. Read about the technology of World War II, especially the weapons that were available.