Part One - First you need to learn about:

Work through the following sites before you begin any drawing.  Keep a file folder in your cubby with your paper work while you are working on the project.

Do this lesson and practice.  Write your answers on paper to be turned in with project.

Watch this Brain Pop movie.  Print and take the quiz at the end. Turn it in with your project.  The username and password have been sent to you by email.

Take this online quiz.  Write your answers on paper to be turned in with your project.

 Here are some reference websites.  Use them when you need extra help.

 Use this site as a resource for making scale drawings.

 This is a site to help you with Excel.



Part 2 - Drawing of Room


Create a rough working sketch of your dream room. 

You may use graph paper.



Part 3 - Shopping


Shop onlline for the items in your room. 

Remember that you need a bed and a place to put your clothes away.

Here are some sites to get you started.




Part 4 -  Excel Spreadsheet

Include the following:

Part 5 - Your Dream Bedroom

Now that you have "bought" your items, made your spreadsheet, and created your rough sketch, it is time to draw your dream bedroom!

Have your final scale drawing and spreadsheet ready by the project deadline.  Include the requested items from Part 1.  You may add any pictures or descriptions from the websites if you wish, but it is not required.

You must turn in the following: