by Debbie Head, Piedmont College


As 5th grade history students, you are about to go back in time to World War II and learn about what it was like to live during that period. This WebQuest is designed to guide you through different roles during the war including:  soldiers, generals, journalists, women and children left at the homefront, and the Navajo Code Talkers.  As a result, you will be divided into one of the five teams in the class and your team will have approximately 3 other students.  After you are in your teams, you and your team members will be assigned a specific role to research.  You will be preparing to role play during your final presentation.  At the end of this WebQuest, your team will present the information you've researched in a creative way.  This could include using a PowerPoint presentation, creating a skit, or creating a video. The goal of your research is to understand the many  important roles people played during World War II.  By researcing these roles, you will gain a deeper understanding about the impact each of them played. 

To begin the project and find out more details, please click on the "Task" link on the left side of your screen.