by Patrick Kapperman

Utilizing perimeter and area formulas, as well as other math and critical thinking skills, the project for this WebQuest is to design a backyard Zen garden. It requires research about the topic, and laying out a design based on this research and other given criteria.


Your neighbor is interested in putting a Zen garden in her backyard. Her doctor told her that she needs to find more ways to reduce her stress, and she thinks that it would be very relaxing after a long day of work to sit and look out onto her garden, or go out and rake a little sand.

However, she does not want to design the garden herself, and remembered that you have been trying to get a new landscape and design  business going. You will have to do some research about Zen gardens before you can begin this project, and take into consideration all the criteria for the design that she gives you. You will also have use some of your sharpest math skills in order to make everything work out, but you know you are up for the job. It will be a great way to help jumpstart your business, learn some new things, and help your neighbor relax.