Your first task as a group will be to find out more about Peak Oil.

Supplementary Questions:



Navigate to World Without Oil 

...and explore this virtual reality game.  WWO is an online, alternate reality game that allows players to imagine the events that could arise from the increasing scarcity of petroleum. Go to week one, read a few of the entries, and see what it's like to live in world of peak oil.   *  Note: These are hypothetical scenarios! Tomorrow you will read Week 2 entries, etc. There are 31 weeks in all.

1. Throughout this unit, you will be playing and posting to the virtual reality game World Without Oil for an individual grade. This is your chance to speculate what will happen in the possible future. Here is how you participate:(1) Imagine your life in this oil shock. (2) Create something on the  Web to express your reality: a blog post, an image, a video, an audio  file. (3) Tag it "worldwithoutoil" so others can find it. (4) Tell them  about your creation by emailing it to them. Be sure to  include a link to your story! ••• Also: you can help guide others. Create a "thread" - a chain of links to WWO material that helps  readers understand WWO - and email it to them. Read some examples from the WWO Community Live Journal. Plug in a zip code and begin reading stories that people have submitted. The individual projectis factored into your overall grade.


2. You will examine the various perspectives and positions on  peak oil (A-E) and create a multimedia presentation defending and debating your point of view,which you will share with your group.You may use Microsoft PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker. Compare the various perspectives. Which one do you think is most sound? You will collaborate to put together a blog, where you may freely argue your perspectives. Invite your teacher into the blog so that he or she may monitor the process.

Keep these questions in mind:

  Five Scenarios For the Future of Oil.

Your group will select the following five roles(A-E), and each of you will argue one of these perspectives. Links are provided.


Examples include, but are not limited to:

American Oil Company Executive,OPEC Chairman, Oil Researcher/Analyst working for a mega oil company, Oil Researcher/Analyst working for an independent environmentalist group, World Wildlife Activist, Wind Farm  Engineer, Pragmatic Vermonter,  Crazy Humvee Enthusiast, Teacher, Norwegian  citizen who is already living a reality of high gas prices.

A. Pollyana Scenario
Oil production can be increased to meet all future demands for at least 40 years

Who would argue this perspective?                                                                                                                        _

B. Optimistic Scenario
Oil production may slow or even decrease, but when combined with conservation and alternative resources,  it will be possible to meet the growing demands of society for the foreseeable future

Who would argue this perspective?

C. Plateau Scenario
Fossil fuel production will plateau in the next decade, and alternative sources will not be able to significantly take the place of oil, resulting in a volatile energy market and restricted world economy, however people will be able to adapt lifestyles to the changing energy environment

Who would argue this perspective?                                                                       

D. Pessimistic Scenario
Oil production will not meet demand, forcing conservation and alternative energy use over the next decade, however total energy resources will still  decline, slowly resulting in a gradually retracting world economy

Who would argue this perspective?                                                                                                                                                                                                         

E. Head for the Hills Scenario
Oil will peak and decline rapidly, resulting in oil shortages and  catastrophic collapse of many elements of modern society due to our lack of preparation.

Who would argue this perspective?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

A link to the first ever Peak Oil Scenario Contest! Take a look at a few sample perspectives!


3. Your group will collaborate to  create a web page that will act as a peak oil primer where you briefly explain the concept of peak oil, and showcase highlights of your individual perspectives. You will watch one another's presentations and create a Web page that showcases these points of view. Are there areas where you agree?

4. Meet with area folks who want to discuss Peak Oil and/or develop strategies to address the consequences of an oil depleted future.You will visit a local Peak Oil forum. You will collaborate and write a two to three-page group article on your experience and report back to the class as a group. Calendar of local meetings. This will generate a  class discussion on local solutions. Do you think our community is ready to deal with Peak Oil? Has your group reached a consensus about Peak Oil, or are there disagreements? Now is the time for you to have reached a consensus about how to educate the community.

5.  Now it is time to put your persuasive writing to the test ! Decide on an action plan for the Mayor and to educate your community. Armed with the knowledge gleaned from your  research,you will write a letter to the Mayor of Burlington and pose a local strategy to begin dealing with peak oil. You will also submit this letter to the editor of the Burlington Free Press. Your group will also mail the letters and wait for a response. Will the mayor be receptive? We'll see! 



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