The Problem

Today, an engineer in the oil fields somewhere in the Middle East area has just finished analyzing the data, and to his/her horror the data shows that the Earth has reached 'Peak Oil.' In other words, we have just hit the midway point of the world's oil supply From now on we are consuming the final oil deposits on the planet. If global consumption is not mitigated radically, the availability of conventional oil will drop. As you can see by the figures below, the price of gas has already risen and they will continue to rise dramatically.

Although it is a global problem, it is something that can be addressed locally.

Your Task: 
You are an advisory group for the Mayor of Burlington. Your committee has been charged with the responsibility of creating a local solution to the global problem of peak oil. An important aspect of this is to educate the community about the issue. You are already living in a region that is sensitive to environmental issues.

Along with advising the local politicians, you must ask yourselves and others the following essential question:

How do we bring about a change in people’s knowledge, attitudes and practices to solve the problem of peak oil?


  1. Individual multimedia blog entry on World Without Oil 
  2. Multimedia presentation showing your point of view,which you will share with your group, posted to a  group blog, where you may freely argue your perspectives.
  3. Group web page that will act as a peak oil primer where you briefly explain the concept of peak oil, and showcase highlights of your individual perspectives.
  4. 2-3 page report on a Peak Oil forum that your group visited.
  5. Persuasive letter to be sent to the mayor and the Burlington Free Press with Peak Oil strategies.