by Youshonda And Jessi, TAMU

Countless movies and films depict the creature as the main character in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. This webquest provides an in depth look into the novel's actual lead character, Victor Frankenstein. With a newspaper format, students can look into the classic novel behind the Hollywood facade.


You are a newspaper reporter and your team 
has been assigned to cover the biggest news 
story in Swiss history! This is the moment you’ve
 been waiting for, a chance at a front page 
story. This could be your big break... 
The assignment is to cover the scientist, Victor 
Frankenstein, the man behind the monster. 
Throughout this journalistic voyage, 
you will uncover information not only about 
the man who created the monster, 
but the place and time in which he lived.
 You will seek insight from his friends 
and family’s viewpoint as well. 

What drove him


 to create this monster?