1. To find out more about what a time capsule is look here or here.

  2. You will be divided into time capsule teams. Each team will have 2-3 members. All members of the team are researchers. You will need to chose who will be the recorder, primary researcher, and crafter. The recorder records the information you find on the objects and writes up the a detailed description of the object. The primary researcher does the searching of websites on the computer. The crafter creates the drawing/painting/model, etc. to be placed in the capsule. These people will be in charge of these sections but everyone is expected to help out with each part.

  3. You want to find items that express what it was like for the soldiers.  You can use pictures, stories, or poems that soldiers may have left behind.  I want you to find things that represent the lives of the soldiers of World War One.

  4. Each group is also to research the major reasons for WWI, creating a short 1-2 page explanation to Who is involved, Why is started and How it started.  You can type this up as a letter to the people in the future or for a more creative approach create a newsletter that covers these details.

  5. Each group will create at least five of the objects by drawing, painting, using clay, etc., to be turned in.With each object must be also be a detailed description of the object at least one paragraph long.

  6. As a class we will discuss all the objects the groups have discovered and decide on a range of items that represents the life and times of World War I.


Resources and tools- - History Channel website with articles, pics, videos and games.  Explore the site looking for helpful information.

British Broadcasting Co. - Great website with detailed articles, pictures, and some videos detailing World War I.

The War Times Journal - This site has flash animated maps showing when and were battles were fought as well as explanations of the battles.  The site has a bunch of info so feel free to explore.

US WWI Entry - This is a section of the Wikipedia page about WWI about the entry of the US entry into WWI.  Has some good info and other resources but this site shouldn't be your only source of info.

Extra Fun - For those of you who need or want a little more interactive learning, then here as a flash program about what life was like in the trenches in WWI.  Its from the point of view of Canadian soldiers but its still informative.