by Sandie Webster, Garden Valley Public School

Divide the students into groups. These will be referred to as family groups from now on. Members of the groups must determine their role and age in the family. Your students will be required to write a believable journal recording aspects of their trip. Each family member is required to keep a written journal of their trip. It must match with the experiences of the other family members. Family participation,cooperation,problem-solving, and compromise will be qualities to encourage in this lesson. There are many sources available for the students, such as websites,books,video's, museums, chamber of commerse, etc.



Yeehaw! We're goin West!

Gather yer britches, (pants) hitch up the wagons and let's mov'em out!

Ya have just been transported back in time ta the 1850's.

Ya and yer family are in Independence, Missouri.

Tomorrow ya'll begin yer adventure ta Oregon City, Oregon.

Yer group is yer family. Ya'll must decide iffin who will be the young'uns and who will be the pa and ma, and all ya'll ages.

Ya must keep an individual journal of the complete trip with detailed accounts.

Yer journal does not need ta have somethin' fer ever day.

Yer journal must reflect the same events at the same time as yer other kin ("family members")

Ya must record all the landmarks and Forts as ya write.

Ya must cross at least 3 rivers, and 2 mountains.

Ya must encounter various types of weather, disease, terrain, death, and fears.

All yer family members must survive the whole trip.

Put yer thoughts in this here journal so's yer kin from 2007 will know what it really was like on the Oregon Trail.

Hold on ta ya socks, and get ready for the ride of yer life!